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  • Furisode in Japan


    Furisode(振袖) would be the most trend that is formal of worn by young unmarried ladies in Japan. This costume has colors which are bright colorful, and usually manufactured from silk and luxury. Furisode is extremely popular in social activities for instance the tea ceremony, ikebana flower classes that are organizing weddings. More

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    Kimono costume that is traditional the most prominent options that come with Japanese culture. You can catch a lady dressed in kimono on formal occasions such as for example weddings or summer festivals. Kimono has many types even though it’s no more commonly utilized but sometimes. Kimono will vary by season, age, marital status, with […] More

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    Japanese fashion

    Whenever dealing with Japanese fashion, we frequently mention various design of fashion in Japan. Fashion is important in Japan, not just demonstrating them self but in addition making them look fashionable. Japanese fashion is really a mix of modern fashion design and tradition style that is European. More